Mt. Sinai World Outreach Church
                                       Bishop Invitations 

Invitation Steps : 
1.Contact :  Bishop Booking Asistant [ Elder Mark Estrich :864-772-5846 : 864-266-2616  ] 
   Email : : Mt. Sinai P.0 Box 508 Pendleton SC 29670 
2. We will contact you within 24 hours . 
3. Bishop will make contact with the Pastor or Program Director about the budget for the event . 
    Bishop never preaches for money , therefore he is willing to work with the budget of that  mega ministry     and smaller ministries. Bishop undertstands Mega minsitries and smaller ministries go through seasons     and need a word of impartation to build their church and their pastor . Please dont let discourse               influence you inviting bishop because what others give to bishop . He understands the  struggles   churches face and he is willing to sow back into your ministry ,when God allows . 
4. Bishop understands their many pastor that are old school and you dont like going through the chain of command ,  leave your information . Bishop will call you direactly if you request for him to call you .  

5.Bishop has special priviledges for those who are sons and daughters that are pastoring , so free to call on your spiritual father any time , he will make time to serve you and your church . 

Code of Ethics : 
1. Bishop never preaches gossipe about pastor or congregation when he comes , he only preaches a word of revelation and inspiration and impartation . 
2. Bishop never teach a new doctrine in the church he is preaching for because thats the pastors job , he only preaches a word of confirmation and edification for pastor and members . 
 3. Bishop never uses all his gifts , such as healing , prophecying , without the permission of the pastor of the house , because prophets is subject  to the prophet of the house .  
4. Bishop McCaskill never discuss business matters  with other members of the church , he always tell them to talk their  pastor .  Bishop  never meet with members concerning an ought have against their pastor . 
5.  Bishop never runs up a phone bill or TV cable bill  at the hotel  he is staying durning the  revival . 
6. Bishop McCaskill believes in being on time for revival or a church service . 
7. Bishop never cancels a revival for a bigger revival , that wouldnt be showing agape love .