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        Donations to Mt Sinai World Outreach

Beloved, if you have been blessed by this website and you want to support a ministry that is making a difference in your life and our society, we welcome you to give according to the guidance of the voice of God. If you don't have a church and desire to tithe, please feel to give to our ministry. We accept donations from other ministries, corporations, investors, and those who are compelled by God. If you bless God's house and God's ministry, God will bless your house and your vision. Apostle Paul says, "if we sow sparingly, we shall reap sparingly. If we sow in abundance, we shall reap in abundance." (II Corinthians 9:6)   

Please feel free to donate to:
1. Homeless Ministry
2. Africa Mission
3. Church Ministry 
4. Bishop McCaskill 
5. Youth Ministry 

How can I give a donation?
                                           Please feel free to sow your offering or donation to be a 
                                           blessing to the ministry  and pastor  .Please send 
                                          Mt. Sinai World Outreach  P.0 Box 509 Pendleton SC 29670
                                          Please don't use our paypal at this season of the ministry .  

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