Mt. Sinai World Outreach Church
Suicide Prevention

Whosoever Will let him come, no wise cast you out (John 6:37).

We discovered that most people want to commit suicide
because they feel like no one really cares. Others want to take their life because of rejection. Yes, many have been rejected by their boyfriend or girlfriend, others have been rejected by their companion. Many want to commit suicide because they have been rejected by family, church, or friends because they believe they are gay. However, the death of a loved one can strip a person's joy to live, because one feels like God has rejected him/her. Rejection can be painful and it can make you feel like taking your life. Yes, it hurts, but today you must live because greatness is inside of you. God had not rejected you, he loves you unconditionally. The Lord says that whosoever comes to him, he will receive them.  If you bow down and cry to him, he will give you abundant life (John 10:10).

If need to talk to someone or feel alone, call and say it's urgent
and we will respond: