Mt. Sinai World Outreach Church
The Pastors Advocate Ministry is a ministry where bishop helps pastors get through transition with their ministry and their family . Bishop notice most pastors are there for their  members when they are sick , when they have death , when they have legal problems , family problems , marriage problems . But who is there for the pastor and leader. Bishop have observed many pastors turn to drugs , alcohol, pornography, distructtive relationships, gambling and rambling,over eating  to find release . However , Bishop notice it only manifest double jeopardy in the life of the gifted and anointed pastor. Therefore , Bishop is willing to travel and  spend time with  a pastor who needs  counsel without judgment , and he is willing to  host a hurting pastor who is about to breakdown under the pressure., and needs to get away for a season . Also , he is willing to come  be a peacemaker where their is a major battle between members and pastor and battle between pastor and members . Bishop always  bring a righteous word that brings unity and healing  among the body of Christ  , so that members will respect their leader . Apostal Paul says, Bear one another burdens and forfill the law of Christ [ Galations 6:1-3 ]. God has  gifted Bishop with word to bring healing and unity among churches . Well , before you leave your church ,before you leave your wife , before you  take your life , before you take that drink or drug , call Bishop McCaskill . Bishop has been preaching over 40 years , he has seen the tricks of the adversary . He found out the hard way , no pastor can stand alone in spiritual battle . Two are better than one . 

Steps For Assitance : 
Call Personal Assitance [ 864-305-3998]  
Email Bishop [] 
Write : P.O Box 508 Pendleton SC 29670 

Bishop Assist Minsiters : 
1. Visit Pastors in the Hospital 
2. Eulogy For  Pastors Close Family Members 
3. Pray with Pastors in the Midst of Spirtual Battles 
4. Interceed for Pastors on Request 
5. Visit on a Sunday Morning and Preach a Word to Defend and Impart Peace and Unity . 
6. Counsel family and marriage with mercy and compassion . 
7. Wise Counsel before you make a major decision for family and ministry . 
8. Request Counsel through email or phone without mentioning your name . 
9. Host you as a guest for a short get away . 
10. Ready to start over in another church , and need connections . 
11. No Place is too far or too close . 

Fees : 
Bishop will only charge for travel that requires airfare and Hotel cost . 
Bishop will work with all pastors  according their income , when it comes to his service . 
Bishop will never be a financial burden to any pastor or ministry .