Mt. Sinai World Outreach Church
Mission  Ministry is a ministry that asist the community and members and non-members . We provide help with food and clothing . Also we help with utilities when someone  has experience being layed off from their job or hours has been cut on their job . We help senior citizens, and those who are starting all over again because of tragedy or a major storm or major fire in the home. Mission  Ministry is concern about helping in a holistic way . We are concern about ones physical and spiritual well being . We also asist struggling churches and pastors who serve faithfully . We always evaluate every person because of scams and predators who desire to take of advantage of the church . We do this because the resources are coming from the churches tithes and offering . We are  good stewards with what God provides . If you need help as a member or non-member : please call [864-266-2616].  We will make sure someone respond within 24hrs . I AM MY BROTHER AND SISTERS KEEPER .