Mt. Sinai World Outreach Church

Mt. Sinai Outreach Ministries

Mt. Sinai Outreach Ministries have been established to restore our brothers and sisters. The outreach ministry is an act of faith; it exemplifies a gospel that's willing to bear the burden of all people. “Bear one another's burdens and for fill the law of Christ “{Galatians 6:1-2}.

AIDS MINISTRY: The HIV AND AIDS Ministry is a ministry that reaches out to those who have family members that have HIV or AIDS. The ministry also informs our community and churches about the disease that's affects all cultures. The Aids ministry supports agencies that care for HIV and AIDS. The HIV AND AIDS ministry encourages many to make commitment to Christ and to get involved in ministry; this ministry supports the AIDS victim spiritually, emotionally and financially. Jesus said “I came not in this world to condemn the world, but to save the world {John 3:17}.

Drug Ministry: The Drug ministry is a ministry that reaches out to those who struggle with addiction in the church and outside the church .The ministry has established support groups that help our brothers and sisters to walk in recovery or deliverance. We have established AA/NA relationship to have meetings at the church. Also, we have established ministries with drug rehabs through setting up services and bible studies in their institution. Also, we help our brother and sister adjust to life after they leave rehab, by getting them involve in ministry. “The strong should bear the infirmities of the weak “{Romans 15:1}.

Homeless Ministry: The Homeless ministry reaches out to people who are living in the streets, hotels, cars. The homeless ministry provides clothes, food and counseling, assistance. Also, we minister to the soul through the teaching and preaching of the Word .The homeless ministry is concerned about the soul, mind, body {Matthew 25:42-25}.

Mission Ministry: The Mission ministry reaches out to the oppress people in other countries such as Nigeria and Accra Ghana Africa. We focus on salvation, education and liberation {Mark 16:15}.

Sinai Bible College

Bible College : Sinai Bible college  was established in 2001 . The Bible college has prepared lay members and ministers to excel in teaching and preaching the Gospel . The Bible college is a ministry that provokes many ministers and lay members to grow in their understanding of five fold ministry . The Bible college prepares many to enter into seminary. It challenges men and women to move from practical theology to revelvant theology challenges their understanding  of God and ministry ; all professors that teach have their Masters of Divinity from a fully accredited school . If you desire enroll online or come to Greenville campus :contact us{} : 866-342-3436

Prison Ministry

Prison Ministry : The pupose of this ministry to empower men and women through the teaching of the Word of God .
We will empower them to be free through the Word and righteous mentorship. We do more than  share the Word  ,we assist them ,and help them  adjust in society  when they get out of prison. We provide support by assisting them  in getting a job and finding a place to live ,and a place to worship on Sundays .