Mt. Sinai World Outreach Church
MSWO Bible College
Man and woman shall not live by bread alone, but by every word proceedth out of the mouth God ."
(Matthew 4:4)

Mt. Sinai Bible College was founded in 2002 in Greenville SC. The Bible College was established  to prepare men and women to minister with the spirit of excellence. The Bible College was established to enhance one's knowledge about the Bible and to help equip one with a systematic approach in serving the Lord's Church and the world. The Bible College is not a seminary, but it prepares lay members, ministers, and pastors to pursue higher education. The Bible College has helped many sharpen their gifts and enhance their knowledge about a five fold ministry.

Classes Offered:
  • Old Testament 101
  • New Testament 101
  • Five Fold Ministry 101
  • Text 101
  • Sermon Preparation 101  
  • Church Development 101 
  • Counseling 101
  • Spiritual Warfare 101
  • Understanding Other Religions 101
  • Walking Into Your Call 101


Registration for class starts December 15- 30, 2020  . Class will start through Zoom In Jan 7, 2021 . Please email to the Dean of the School, Bishop Terry McCaskill Sr., at and we will send you an application. Though class discussion will benefit anyone that  comes in a profound way, online classes will be available for those who cannot physically come to class. The cost varies based on how many classes you take for the semester .