Mt. Sinai World Outreach Church
                                                                             BISHOP INVITATION   
                                                                                                                                Bishop  McCaskill is a world-renowned pastor,teacher,evangelist,speaker :
traveled throughout the United States and outside this country since 1977. He has preached in conservative churches and charismatic congregations. He has preached in all the major denominations. He has preached in the white congregations and black congregations. He has preached in mega churches and smaller congregations. He has preached tent revivals and preached on army bases, colleges, prisons. He is not only a preacher but he has served as a teacher and speaker in conferences and workshops among leaders and teens in schools. He has spoken at colleges and high school graduations, Mason Lodges events, family reunions. He has preached at ordination services for deacons, Leaders installations, pastors anniversaries, church anniversaries, pastors banquets, pastors installation service, Holy Convocations, City Wide Revivals, Conventions.  Also, Bishop is well able to speak at political events and civil rights events. He is not limited to an pulpit, he is an multitask faciltator .
                                                                               Contact Information
Personal Assistant : 
Minister Jan [ 313-699-2133] 
                                                                           Code Of Ethics 
We are delighted you are inviting our Spiritual leader to your event . It is important for your congregation , company , school , seminary , convention , convocation , association,know  that our leader does not discrimnate against any denomination, race , or class . He comes to activate , motivate and cultivate with words that moves out the darkness and brings forth light , in the lives of Gods people.The only thing we  need is the date and the time you want our leader to come, whether it is by virtual service ,vertiual workshop , or virtiual event , or an live event . The travel arrangement and pupose of the event will be discussed with the Personal Assistant . Senior Pastor will talk directly with you about the monetary gift . 
personal assistant what he desires before he preach or teach . He is very low maintinance . We honored you considered our leader of excellence .  Also, Leader always talks to the pastor and the leader of the event before he comes .