Mt. Sinai World Outreach Church
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                                                                     COVIC  STANDARDS  
      Beloved, I know we are covered by the blood  according to the Word Of God . However , we will not tempt the lord thy God . We will be wise as serpents and humble as doves . The members of Mt. Sinai    will not meet at the church building at this season . Bishop will be an participater in making sure the members be senstive to the health risk of the members and friends . We will only have service outdoors and members will remain in their cars , and others will be watching the service on facebook live and on zoom . Please watch service on  facebook live at 12:50 every Sunday , and we will be on zoom for members at 11:00 AM . Please call 864-266-2616 to recieve the passcode to watch on zoom , if you are a member of Mt. Sinai World Outreach . We are encouraging all members to wash their hands and keep social distance and where a mask in all public places . Solomon says " Do not be wise in your own eyes, fear the lord and depart from evil " [ Proverbs 3:7 ] .