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                                       Bishop Invitations 

Invitation Steps : 
1.Contact  : Jermaine Dawkins [803-447-1986: Shelia Reeder 864-908-2159] Welcome to Email us a letter of request (
  [Respond within 24hours]

3. Bishop will talk to the Pastor or the leader concerning the budget that has been set for him coming . Bishop has preached for mega ministry and smaller ministries, therefore he is willing to work with your set budget.

4. The contact from bishops Asistant will be within one or  two days . We understand how important it is when planning program or event .

5.Also, any pastor or Bishop ,wants to talk to Bishop " only "about an invite,the asistant will make sure Bishop McCaskill call .

                                  Events Bishop Accept 

  1.High School Graduations
  2. College Graduations
  3. Bible College Graduations
  4. Seminary Graduations
  5. Revivals
  6. City Revivals
  7. Conventions
  8. Men Conference
  9. Women Conference
 1O. Singles Conference
  11. Youth Conference
  12. Prayer Conference
  13. Married Couple Conference
  14. Stewardship Conference   
  15.. Pastoral/Muscian Conference
  16. Holy Convocations 
  17. Pastor Anniversary 
  18. Church Anniversary 
  19. Leader Workshop 
  20. Armour Bearer Workshop 

                              Bishop Code of Ethics 
1. Bishop never recruits  members wherever he preaches, he builds up the leader and organization .
2. Bishop will not start a ministry where he conducts revival for a pastor or leader because that wouldn't be honorable . Bishop does not compete ,he completes . 

3.Bishop has preached in every denominations therefore he respects the doctrine of each church,he only preaches the gospel and a word to confirm the  leaders proceeding word,and provoke members of an church or organization to follow the vision . 

4.Bishop strives to be on time for all engagements . 

5. Bishop is a preacher,speaker, teacher and he can adjust in any environment, therefore he can  follow orders of the leader and organization ,and it only takes him 30min,unless the leader and organization request more time or less. Also, he only operates in his other gifts with leaders permission . 

6.Bishop will never leave a phone bill or TV bill for any church or organization when he checks out of hotel .